About Us

Hi, hello!

My name is Teressa, but you can call me Tea :)

As someone with mental illnesses, I've had hard times where I found no reason to get out of bed, go to work, or do anything to take care of myself. I've found a enormous amount of comfort in fiction and its become my reason to keep going. I know that sounds weird, to place a fictional places and characters so high, but it be like that sometimes.

Unfortunately, comfort isn't a luxury everyone is able to have naturally. Not everyone can go home and truly feel at home. Some people fall in love with/find comfort in fictional characters or places and that's perfectly fine in my eyes. I create these products to help people feel the comfort and happiness they deserve.

With the help of my wonderful costumers, I've been able to reach more and more people and spread the comfort with everyone! I thank y'all from the very bottom of my heart for everything you have done! I love each and every one of you and I'm eternally grateful 💙

 In 2021 my partner and I became legal business partners! I still run all the social aspects though. He just owns half & makes all the customs 💙💙